Financial Assistance with Rent/Mortgage/Utilities

Please read carefully before proceeding.

  • If you have had rent or mortgage assistance with us in the past, there is a two-year waiting period before you may receive any financial assistance, or if you have had utility assistance with us in the past, there is a one-year waiting period. These must be current or past-due bills. We cannot help with upcoming rent.

If you have not received assistance as listed above, please continue to read.

  • You will need to register for an appointment online, and you will be notified when an appointment becomes available. If you do not receive a call from us in the next 10 working days, we apologize, our appointments are filled. You will need to re-register for the next 10 working days, or call 211 or another agency for assistance at this time. We have a limited number of appointments and will assist as many as we can.  Thank you for contacting us and for your patience.