Volunteers are VITAL to the Missions Center. We couldn’t do it without them. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities/positions. Please contact Ashley at (256) 546-2980 ext. 105 with interest in any of these opportunities or questions about volunteering.

  • Front Office-responsibilities include filing, data entry, answering phones, helping answer questions for clients (We need people in this position with a kind/friendly demeanor and a willingness to help. Because the front office receptionist is often the first volunteer to come in contact with the client, they not only help things run smoothly, but they help set the tone for the client’s experience at the Missions Center.)
  • Interviewer-meets one-on-one with the clients to assess their needs and determine qualifications for services (Interviewers are on the front lines, getting to know the clients so that we can minister holistically as well as refer clients to additional agencies as appropriate.)
  • Clothing Room-Volunteers at this station help clients put outfits together, play a big part in keeping the clothing room neat and tidy, ensuring sizes are in appropriate places, etc. It’s very much like a store. The clothing room workers are there to help reinforce guidelines as well as be available to assist clients in shopping.
  • Sorting Room-Workers at this station sort through each item that is donated and decide what to keep and what not to keep based on certain criteria. They also distribute items to designated places throughout the Missions Center to be made available for clients.
  • Food Room-This is where the food orders get filled. We have distribution lists that say what to give and how much to give based on family size, etc. Volunteers work together in this room to fill the orders, bag them up (including age-appropriate Christian literature with every order) and take it out to the client in a buggy.
  • General Cleaning-The Missions Center does not have a cleaning crew, so we need help keeping it looking good! General cleaning includes everything from sweeping and mopping to cleaning the bathrooms to washing the windows! Everyone pitches in as they can but we can always use another pair of helping hands!
  • Floater-A floater is someone who learns multiple jobs/stations and is available to work where we need him/her the most that day. Floaters are a very important part of our team.
  • Literacy-These volunteers will meet weekly with individuals on a one to one basis using a provided curriculum to teach them to read.
  • Seasonal Opportunities-Please contact Ashley with interest in specific seasonal opportunities. Our biggest need for seasonal help tends to be around October, November and December. These three months are when we have the most “special projects”. There are multiple ways to get plugged in during these times.
  • Chaplaincy-Volunteer Chaplains are needed each day to meet the clients spiritual needs. They generally serve half a day a month or might be available on short notice to fill in for other Chaplains that can’t fill their appointed time. Their responsiblities include sharing a devotion with the staff and volunteers before we open the doors, witnessing and praying with the clients, and also, ministering to our staff and other volunteers when the need arises.
  • Financial Counseling-meets one on one with clients by appointment to provide more comprehesive financial counseling using Crown Financial as the cirriculum.
  • Prayer Warriors-individuals that are advocates of the Missions Center. They may or may not be active volunteers. But they commit to praying for the needs of the Missions Center daily.
  • Host Baby Shower-this event is held as needed to provide an atmosphere love and to share in the joy of those expecting a child. The hosts would provide the set-up just like a baby shower you would have for family.
  • School Supplies-provide needed items for students to begin a new school year. Lists of needed items are available at the Missions Center. Supplies are generally made available to clients the first of August.

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